At Verstrata we are experts at providing high quality professional software development services. Our staff have built software for clients ranging from startups to fortune 100 companies in insurance, retail, travel, healthcare, technology and finance industries based in Ireland, United States and the Middle East.

We partner strategically with our clients helping them achieve their business goals and provide real value.

Aside from our expertise and quality work we pride ourselves on being extremely professional in our approach and interactions. As we are a smaller consultancy we can remain responsive to our clients aligning with out core values of providing excellent customer care.

Our Process

Our approach is very much Agile in it’s nature involving a lot of collaboration and iterations, we believe this approach ensures our clients objectives are continuously being met. Releasing updates through a frequent cadence using DevOps practices to gather customer feedback ensuring expectation are continually aligned and change course if needed incurring little impact.

We take great pride in our craft and clean architecture and we adopt best practices practices from methods of Agile(Lean Software development, Extreme programming, Kanban and Scrum) in to our processes wherever possible, such practices include: Pair programming, Automation of manual tasks, Knowledge sharing, Code reviews among others.


We begin with the Discovery/Ideation phase where we sit with our clients and gather their requirements, understand their objectives and goals along with their associated priorities.

We take special care in considering the design and flow of our applications our UI/UX designers create mockups and wireframes based on the requirements gathered to ensure application flows and designs are inline with clients expectations.

After we have established alignment we begin development on our initial phase of release.

Throughout the development phase we continuously perform testing based off our requirements to ensure the system does what it says it does.